“You need to spend money to make money!”

This is true, but most often heard from those attempting to get you to spend it unwisely.

Identifying wise ways to invest your money is difficult when it comes to marketing as it so often centres around human behavior, interacting with your product, your online assets and your communication.

One communication that has consistently proven itself since its invention has been email marketing, with a 44:1 return on investment. $44 back for every dollar you spend! Why is this so?

For a start, it is well-used. Even now in the age of Twitter, email remains the primary tool of communication in business, and remains strong in private. Everyone checks their email. In a Business To Business setting, it is important to note that a third of an office worker’s time is spent reading and drafting emails.

Email is also easy to set up. Blogs and whitepapers take time, skill, and co-ordinated effort. Compare this to a short email campaign which can be operated and executed by one person without a lot of technical knowledge. A good email campaign can pay off quickly.

However, there’s an emphasis on the good there. You want your emails to be welcomed. Make sure that your email plans match your audience. If you are targeting CEOs, a larger, infrequent newsletter may be a better match for their schedule than a daily email. Also consider some kind of added value like an e-book or coupon code.

Style matters, then content. You want an alluring headline to get them to read on, then worthwhile content so they feel their time has been respected. Following all this with a clear call to action will then help your reader give that respect back in custom.

Email marketing is an essential portion of your digital marketing plan, and it has benefits worth reaping. Outside help via email marketing services means that experts in the field of digital marketing can help you can hit the ground running in the right direction with your marketing plan.

Grid Concepts are thorough, professional and human-centred in analyzing your digital marketing campaign, and can help you to optimize your investment in all digital areas from email to the sales funnel on your website. Contact us here and get your digital marketing working for you.