It was once true that the more backlinks – the more other pages that led back to yours – the better.  

But Google wised up and changed their algorithm. No longer was any old backlink from who-knows-where as good as any other anymore. 

Your backlink presence is a strong ingredient in your Google SEO ranking mix, and now a single good backlink can be worth a dozen that are not.  

So here are some things you need to know about backlinks: 


Google now wants backlinks to be useful. To perform a function. The more useful and relevant it is, the more it counts as a quality backlink. Google’s focus now reflects the power of the link rather than attempts to trick their robot. 

Anchor text 

The actual words used to create a hyperlink now matter. Irrelevant text, or a cut-paste-repeat job which may create dozens of identical links to your site will be spotted by the Google robot and nullified.  

What you need is for the anchor text to lead to your site to be relevant to your site, and original. As original as the genuine human who created it. 

Domain Authority

Backlinks count more when they come from a reputable site. The more power the other site has – the higher it ranks – the more a backlink from them will count. 

“Bad” backlinks aren’t necessarily dodgy – they may be earnest and genuine, but small, like the site of a small business owner’s blog, as compared to a national magazine, in your industry. 

This creates a mini-market where a site with good domain authority becomes valuable, so it can offer a link on their site in trade for something else of value. They know how much a good backlink can mean for a business looking to rise and expand. 

Changes over time 

Websites rise and fall. Something that looked impressive when your site was last optimised might have lost its force due to a change in Google algorithms. What may once have been a strong site might have changed hands or become lame and is no longer be the force it was.  

On the other hand, other sites that have been slowly building quality links may now be a genuine force of relevance to you, and well worth linking with. 

There are many reasons why your site may contain poor quality backlinks, and so many opportunities for growth with the right backlinks. One way to check if your complement of backlink partners are thrusting you up or holding you back is by getting a full website audit 

Grid Concepts’ SEO experts will fully analyse your website’s power and effectiveness, identifying opportunities in your SEO efforts and providing a list of actionable steps to take to help you to achieve your business goals.