Your enterprise website can be a great tool for your company – your staff can keep on top of communication with each other, and have the tools they need at their disposal.

But it can take a fair amount of work in maintenance and upkeep.

A dual function

Sometimes your site is trying to serve two masters: maintaining a public face for your customers, while being functional internally for your employees and contractors.

Sure, this means you are getting twice the benefit from one site, especially in terms of an SEO boost, but it also means that one change to one area can impact the efficacy of another. The balance between the ability for staff to contribute, and how detrimental this may be to function, is a key concern.

This is part of the reason why an audit on your enterprise website is so important – you might not know just how much a simple change in one area can affect another, to a loss of optimisation in your business.

SEO ranking on enterprise websites

SEO ranking is still an important factor in any development to your website – the benefits of a high ranking cannot be overstated – and one website rather than two more often boosts your ranking while reducing some ranking fails, like duplicated content, competition with yourself, and broken links.

An audit removes these blocks and sharpens your website’s effectiveness.

Expertise Blindness

A common habit with self-designed sites is that of expertise creep. Your own skills improve, you get more used to how your own website works, and gradually tailor it to have more functionality to suit your own expertise, but forget that a new user does not have the same knowledge, and find it awkward to navigate.

As you can imagine, while you might think that your site is getting more functional, your new user bounce rate might be on the rise! An audit by an external expert will check on this and bring your site back to functional and accessible UX.

With close attention placed on your own use of an enterprise website, it is easy to lose sight of your competition.

Competition Analysis

Part of a comprehensive audit is to monitor your position and performance in relation to other companies. You might not be aware of opportunities or strategies that they are planning until they have already been put into play – and sometimes not even then!

An outside, objective view is necessary to see these opportunities and form a strategy around them, and dedicated experts have the time to examine complex sites and decipher what is really going on behind the scenes.

An enterprise website audit is a vital tool to find which keywords are taken strongly by a competitor, and which words would better help you find a niche keyword of your own.

The benefit of an enterprise website audit

Your enterprise website is not only functional to you, but ranking high in SEO is a major source of traffic and business opportunities.

A Grid Concepts Enterprise Website Audit is a vital investment for ensuring as optimised a site and as smooth a user experience as possible, for the greatest benefit your website can provide.