In the world of SEO, there are those who may offer you a “quick audit”.

Be very very wary of what you will get for that.

A quick overview might pick up some glaring or obvious mistakes — images not labelled, snags on the page, poor presentation and so on.

And that’s all. You could get the same advice photocopied from a textbook.

A content audit is an in-depth, thorough investigation into exactly what is going on with your website in specific relation to your company’s needs – your market, location and business plan. It takes many hours of work and requires the skill of specialist experts, by humans, not robots.


Who Should Do Your Audit?

Could you do it yourself? Well you could, but it would take many more hours than experts can to go through the tons of material you have in many different areas — social media data, backlinks, user signals, session duration, and then to diagnose what is and isn’t right with your site with fresh eyes.

Frankly, it takes independent experts to do it right, and with efficiency.

Getting it done by “quick-audit” practitioners will likely result in either computer programs to do the work, which produce sometimes comical results. These teams don’t have your content marketing strategy in mind, and may not realise the importance of something they’ve unearthed in relation to your business plan.

This is why it pays to look outside for your SEO audit needs, for a fresh perspective with professional depth specific to you on what issues you need to handle.


The Audit Explained

So, what exactly goes into your audit?

Purpose: Your strategy. Who you are marketing to and what do you want them to do? This is tied very closely to what your customers’ needs are in engaging with you.

Your solution needs to meet their problem, and we have both in mind while we audit your site.

When your site is aligned to your business goals, all your other elements from your copy to your service delivery can fit into this purpose.

Hierarchy: Your page needs to perform to effective standards. Either on a technical or psychological level, if something’s not working at its peak, something needs to change. Often working out what is scoring goals to your purpose and enhancing that, against which are not and can thus be removed, is key to streamlining your site for optimum effectiveness.

Inventory: What content do you have? Articles, videos, podcasts, pictures and interactive media.

What goal do you want to achieve with these assets? We can save you a lot of time working with you to find out what is important and beneficial to your site and your brand image, and what is might be weighing your site down, or throwing it out of focus.

So that these are easy to follow and manage, we organize these assets either by type of page, the format, the stage of the buyer’s journey that they are on, or even the word count – whichever is most useful to your business and the management of your site. Your purpose for the audit and purpose as a business will ultimately guide your decision.

So book an SEO audit with us today and let our team of expert specialists in SEO, content marketing and UX design analyse your website’s performance and effectiveness specific to your business goals.