Think content marketing isn’t important in Business to Business marketing?

Think again.

87 percent of all business-to-business organizations are using content marketing in some shape or form. 36 percent of B2B marketers are increasing their content budgets as well. The question here is what works best for this niche compared to consumer-facing content, and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.


What to Know

The good news about content marketing for a B2B audience is that the core tenet remains the same. You’re not going to get the numbers that you want unless you create engaging content, so that is paramount. What exactly makes something engaging is key.

A business will ultimately form a business relationship with you with the end goal that it will help them make money. A manufacturer partners with the suppliers that get the best deals, products or service. This need should always be in the back of your head when you create B2B content, and you can help steer things in your favor by creating an appropriate narrative. What is the story of your business? This isn’t about eliciting emotion, but interest, while adding that appropriate information.

The relationship between businesses is also important, and the notion of customized content is beginning to take a greater hold. Content marketers are using more and more tools like tracking codes to try and put the most appropriate content in front of someone at the right time. This can include special landing pages, targeted emails for segmented lists, and even ad campaigns tailored to certain customers.

Why does this matter? We know consumers have a short attention span — it’s part of being human. For businesses, combine this with the fact that their time is limited. You need to have strong calls to action, but also ones that match each different type of business customer.

Reputation is also important in B2B, so real-life examples are extremely important to B2B. A person with the responsibility of the company on their back needs surety that they are going to make a safe decision, so your content has to convey that confidence. This can go from the smaller scale, like getting quotes from other people, or a larger-scale, like using case studies to show the viability of your product or service. What does this matter so much? Tracey Wallace, editor in chief at BigCommerce, has a pointed explanation:

“I attribute that to the “fake news” industry right now. People are getting more wary about what content they trust — and if you can’t back up what you say with examples of people doing it right now, then why would anyone trust your best practice advice? Make sure your content is grounded with the words and deeds of others.”


What to Do If You Need Help

Marketing for B2B versus B2C has a lot of subtle differences, but is your company making the right content marketing approach for your audience? Not every business sector wants the same things.

The surest way to know that your content is working for you is to invest in a proper SEO audit.

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