Digital marketing will do two main things for you:

  1. Grow your reputation, and;
  2. Generate greater volume of traffic

To these ends, you want your landing page to do as much as possible in an many different ways as possible, for as little as possible – because budgets are often tight!

So, how do you ensure that your landing page hits all these notes?

You begin with the end in mind. Your goal. Your intention.

What exactly do you want your landing page to lead to? People love to talk about conversions, but first you need to define what that conversion is.

If you’re selling online, this is generally pretty easy, but for other websites, you might want them to do something different: Download an e-book? Join your email list? Contact you with questions about services? Come into a store? All of these are valid.

Words and design are next. Put together the copy and design that best meets your goal with a clear call to action. You can find tons of ways to meet these needs. Here’s a look at some examples of sites that do just that.

See something in common throughout those examples? The words are clear and have purpose. Copy for landing pages needs to be clear, have engaging headlines, and avoid waffle and jargon. You really don’t want to bore or baffle the reader!

How will you know if your copy works?

Get fresh eyes to see if your copy clearly communicates brand attributes. People may have found their way to your site due to its google ranking, but once there, it has to show that they’ve found what they were looking for. A list, lifted text boxes and images to highlight features are key.

Once they are assured that you can provide what they are after, tell them what to do. Make your call to action clear and prominent.

Make it easy for customers to know what to do.

All the content and sales funnel are the important parts of your website, but there is a good reason why you need to first pay attention to your landing page:

You want them to find their way to the good stuff.

There is no point in the most glorious of blogs and offers if nobody can find their way past your front page to the goal you have set for them.

And once it is working, decisions about the content are so much easier to make.

Book in for a content marketing audit, which will tell you what is working, what is not, and what you can do to make it all work better.

Contact Grid Concepts today, and get your site started on the right foot.