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Website seo audit

Have your website thoroughly analysed by SEO engineers, content marketers and UX designers. Thus applying experience, reason and human intelligence to give you a vastly superior analysis of your website’s SEO issues, opportunities and actionable recommendations standing between you and that next big organic traffic spike.

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Improve the ranking for your website’s keywords

Increase your status on Google search engines organically

Get a prioritised list of traffic blocking tactics to action

See what organic traffic opportunities you may not be exploring

Remove the UX blocks that stop your traffic from taking massive action

What we analyse

Website SEO Audit

Tech web audit

An in-depth analysis of any website errors and warnings across the following categories – Visibility of pages and posts, meta information, content within pages, external and internal links, images & any semantic issues. We also look at best praxtice major technical architecture aspects (i.e. secure pages, AMP. redirect loops, indexation blockers, etc).

Analyse your top 3 competitors

We assess your closest rivals – what are they doing? How are they performing? Can we learn from them? Know what they are about and strategise accordingly.

Information Architecture & UX

User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture of your site increasingly play an important role in your website's ranklings and consumer engagement. We highlight any critical threats and/or opportunities in this area. If there are major issues - we will recommend undertaking an optional In-depth IA and UX audit component as well.

Backlink audit

Sites that direct traffic to you are a very powerful signal for search rankings, but some are worth having, others are not. Find out which sites link to you & which of them may be toxic links, thus affecting your rankings.

Review current rankings

Find out what your current rankings are and which pages are responsible for the lion’s share of your traffic. We will look to expose key opportunities or weaknesses here. We often find that several pages carry the entire site, thus placing a high risk on your overall rankings should any major search engine algorithm changes occur.


Find out what people are searching for – which searches are most often used? What’s on the rise? What’s about to ‘break out’? Which words should you own for better results? Catch the trends as they rise to stay ahead of the curve.

What we deliver

Our team of engineers, content marketers & user experience specialists then perform an in-depth, hands on analysis of the above reports. We then provide you with a number of deliverables, which typically include:

Keyword strategy

We start with hundreds of keywords and narrow it down to a targeted opportunity keyword list. It takes into consideration your target audience, business objectives, prospective demand and competition. We also look at how mature your content / traffic strategy is and whether you’re just starting out vs highly ranking already and needing to protect it.

Content optimisation

Optimising your existing content can have the quickest effect on your traffic, as this content already ranking. That’s your ‘lowest hanging fruit’ and unless content on them is no longer relevant to your business objectives – should be tackled first.

Editorial calendar

A content plan tailored for you – which keywords, which topics of interest are most likely to have the best result for you in upcoming months. Discover new hotspots so your customers can find you.

Optional Services

We can provide a full content strategy for your organisation, or in parts, with the following services on offer:

Content Process / Workflow Audit

A good look into your present content process – how your content goes from an idea to your page, whether this is the most efficient and effective process, and providing an audit and solid recommendations on what can be altered for greater effect. We cover your technology platform(s), people, timings – the lot.

Content Creation

If you need us to assist with the actual content creation – we would certainly be happy to. Whether it is copywriting, just detailed research for your team or creative work, we can certainly help.

Content Distribution Services

Tactical digital marketing initiatives and how to get your content in front the right target audience is our speciality! Whether it is SEO, email marketing, Facebook Advertising, remarketing or construction of a content hub to house your stories – we can assist with it.

User experience & Conversion Rate Audit

A thorough audit of your website’s Information Architecture and / or User Experience in-mind with better conversions. Are they adding products to cart and then abandoning? Are they visiting the landing page and not filling out the form? Why? Is it the sales offer, or something technical? We make sure that your pages offer the best opportunity for a customer to do business with you.

What's our engagement process?

We go through a proven process that has provided results for dozens of smart companies, looking for an external trained eye & deep vertical expertise.

Step 1: Get in touch

Express your interest. We will then undertake a preliminary analysis of your site to make sure we can be of assistance.

Step 2: Requirements

We will then be in touch to gather more in-depth information about your organisation, your competitors and your detailed requirements.

Step 3: Audit

Our team gets to work, poring over every aspect of your site, data, results & competitors. There is no cookie cutter approach here.

Step 4: Delivery

We present the collective audit (in person or via video conference). It’s an interactive Q/A session, where we can answer any follow-up questions you may have.

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