The definition of a competitive audit is when an analysis is performed on a website to determine the overall optimisation of that website in terms of its functionality and user experience (UX).

This is based on several key factors which will either make or break your website in terms of the traffic you will attract to it.

Whether this equates to increased sales, or whatever the goal of your website may be, conducting these methods are crucial to its success.

For years, the trusted professionals at Grid Concepts have been conducting SEO website audits and stressing the importance of competitor analysis. Our clients are always happy with our findings and several success stories from business owners can be viewed on our website.

Assessing the Competition

Let’s say you have a product that you believe is better than its competitors, yet you are still struggling to compete in selling that product through your website. Worry not, you are not alone.

The marketing of your product may be even more important than whatever it is you are selling. This is why Grid Concepts will look at competitors and assess what they are doing right.

Regardless of how well your product may perform, there are certain things that can be learned from viewing how your competition acts and conducts themselves. From this, a thorough strategy can be developed to create a pathway which will drive sales.

UX Competitive Benchmarking

UX competitive benchmarking involves looking at how friendly the user experience of your website is. This involves minute, yet important tools such as the navigation of your website.

If a customer cannot find how to buy your product and it is buried under dozens of clicks, then that is one sure fire way to drive them off. Another equally important concept to this ensures that your website is mobile-friendly.

As stated on Statista, over half (52.2%) of all website traffic is now conducted through mobile devices. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, you may have lost half of your potential market.

SEO Content

Regardless of how revolutionary your website may be, if it is not visible on the internet through search engines then you will never get any traffic.

This is why having a website which is search engine optimized (SEO) is pertinent for success in today’s online world.

Grid Concepts SEO audit will analyze how well your content is available online in terms of getting traction. This is done through several methods such as a SEO meta description, as well as the usage of internal and external links.