SEO lets you meet a variety of goals with the same action.

While the mechanism is the same — you make words achieve business goals — different keywords will achieve different goals.

Use the same process but use other words, and you can make SEO perform many different functions. This makes SEO more versatile and enduring than other methods in digital marketing. You can sculpt SEO to your needs.

But it can’t do everything at the same time. The classic adage, “jack of all trades, master of none” applies to SEO. Try to do everything at once, or just put together keywords without really thinking about their purpose, and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s how to make sure your SEO strategy has proper focus:


The Traffic Question

If you were to ask a lot of SEO newbies what their goal is for their strategy, they will probably say something like “to get more traffic to the website.” More traffic is certainly not a bad thing, but not much of a goal in itself. Think about it: Unless your site and business are running entirely off of ad revenue, just clicking doesn’t necessarily put money into your business. So, when you say you want more traffic, you should finish this sentence: you want more traffic so more people will ___.


What to Really Focus On

Whatever filled in that ‘blank’ is your true SEO goal.

Sometimes it’s straightforward: As an e-commerce company, you want people who visit your site to buy right then and there. As a result, you may want to focus on keywords targeting people who are looking to buy something.

Other times, it gets a little more complicated. Nobody searches for ‘home renovation company’, but ‘kitchen remodelling’ or ‘deck builders’, so you might want instead to target SEO around a particular renovation need. Since these clients rarely buy on the same day, the action you want them to take might be for them to give you a call and make initial inquiries.

Your goals might be more indirect, like branding. You might be a thought leader and leave a good reputation of the value of your ideas. Some community projects might want people to show up for a project or festival. Here impressions, information and good link-building are more important than word search rankings.

Your first step into effective SEO, specifically tailored to your company’s goals, is to undertake an SEO Audit. This is an in-depth analysis of exactly what your website is doing for you, and how to make it perform optimally for you. Our panel of experts diagnose your site from every angle: technological, your sales and marketing funnel, and the creative content.

So contact us today, and make your site fit your goals.