Google has gone to great lengths in the last few years to try and curb and (if needed) penalise sites that try to use tactics to manipulate its algorithms for their own gain. Most people with even a fundamental understanding of SEO know the important role that smart links play in ranking.  However, not all

How to check backlinks quality?

People making headway in SEO need to understand the single most important element to success: quality. Google’s recent algorithm changes mean the only true way to have evergreen SEO is to keep putting out quality, authoritative content. Equally important is making sure you have proper backlinks.  Spammy, bad backlinks not only don’t help your pages
mobile seo ranking factors
A business that isn’t properly investing in digital mobile marketing is likely dooming itself to failure. In many key markets and demographics, engagement on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has outpaced its equivalent on computers, meaning that being able to reach those audiences is paramount. One of the major ways to make this happen
So you’ve got a blog! That’s great. I’m sure people like to read your thoughts. But while it might be impressing certain readers, why is it not attracting potential customers? Almost every site seems to have a blog these days, and they are a useful part of the site for the sake of offering content