Background information


The Client

Since its founding in 1927, the Australian Society of Orthodontists has provided a range of services for the orthodontic profession in Australia, from research and education on orthodontic health to accreditation and skills for its members.

Over the decades, the ASO has provided independent information for patients too, advising these patients on their options around orthodontic care and helping them to locate the most qualified practitioners in the field.


The Challenge

Ahead of a major website update planned for late 2017, the ASO wanted to optimise their existing web assets and content, and to lay the foundations for a new and improved content strategy in the new year.

We were contacted in 2016 by their content & PR partner to conduct a thorough technical and SEO audit of the ASO website, and to provide a refined keyword strategy and website optimisation plan for the organisation.

These initiatives would support the content creation work already performed by the content partner, and provide new analytic insight into the performance of existing site pages.

This work would also provide precise steps for improving site traffic to these pages, and for enhancing the responsiveness and speed of the site as a whole.


Here’s what we delivered…


1. A Comprehensive Technical and SEO Audit

To begin, our research team conducted a close technical audit of the ASO website, tracking errors and issues that could undermine the visibility and responsiveness of the site.

This was paired with an audit of the site’s content from an SEO perspective, reviewing the effectiveness of existing pages against keyword rankings, internal site architecture other related metrics.

Through these initial audits, we assessed:

  • 800 keywords
  • 4 competitors
  • 8 trend topics
  • 400+ web pages

On the back of these reviews, we also conducted a User Experience and Information Architecture Audit – though this was not our primary goal, the insights gained here helped to shape both the technical and creative dimensions of the task at hand.

2. A Coordinated Analysis of the Findings

Our audit took into account the ASO’s branding and content goals, and related these goals to search trend data to determine high-performing topics and keyword groupings.

We also provided competitor analysis at which detailed:

  • Overall traffic and comparative changes over the last 12 months
  • Specific insights into organic vs paid traffic
  • Brand awareness as it relates to inbound keyword intent
  • Display ad campaigns in the marketplace

Finally, we provided keyword traffic and backlink analysis for the ASO’s content partners, enabling them to justify new content and branding initiatives with real data on the digital marketplace.

3. A Plan to Clean, Floss and Optimise the Website

Based on these findings, we delivered an on-page optimisation plan for the ASO site, which contained a range of URL, keyword and metadata-related ‘fixes’ to existing site content.

These fixes included:

  • Correction of technical errors and usability issues
  • Improved internal linking and site architecture
  • Optimisation of on-page content according to target keywords

Rather than attempting to overhaul every single word on every page, our optimisation plan prioritised tasks that were most likely to deliver value to the client in the short to medium term.

Out of the 400+ individual pages we reviewed, we nominated a shortlist of 65 existing pages and detailed the steps involved to bring these web assets to their full potential.

4. Fresh Opportunities for Keyword Strategy and Content Delivery

It may come as no surprise that the ASO already held the number 1 search ranking in Google for the term ‘orthodontist’.

However, our research helped the client to broaden their digital footprint by targeting a wider range of relevant keywords and keyword groupings.

For example, if you search for the term ‘braces’ today, you will see two high-quality articles from the ASO at positions 1 and 2 on the front page!

What happened next?

Through a combination of thorough research and sound digital content strategy, we have helped the ASO and Keep Left to boost their overall site traffic by 400% since late 2016.

We continue to collaborate with both companies on web development and optimisation, and are helping to implement our proposed changes while assisting with the larger overhaul of the client site in 2018.