Background information


The Client

Since its origins as a property blog in 2001, has grown to become the destination for commentary and articles by Michael Yardney, Louise Bedford, Tom Corley as well as many other experts specialising in wealth creation, investment and success. With at least eight articles published daily and close to 1.8 million visitors per year, has been rated Feedspot’s Number One property blog in the world, even beating the UK Guardian and the UK Financial Times!

2018 Update: PropertyUpdate has again been rated as the ‘Feedspot’s Number One property blog in the world’


The Challenge

We do a lot work with PropertyUpdate and its parent company Metropole. So much so that we have oodles and oodles of data to share with the client on a monthly basis. Anything from traffic insights, to tactical campaign performance, to content and marketing recommendations, as well as actual enquiries & all manner of defined goals.

So we’ve decided to create an ‘always-on’ cloud hosted dashboard for PropertyUpdate, whereby the client could view it anytime and get the most current data at the click of a button.

Here’s what we delivered…


1. An Overall Traffic Dashboard

At a glance breakdown by:

  • Sessions
  • Average duration per session
  • Channels
  • Top 100 pages over the last 30 days
2. A Conversion Dashboard

In one view we are providing performance against all goals & conversions:

  • All goals are tagged and grouped based on where they are in the buying lifecycle (top, middle and bottom of the marketing funnel)
  • List of goals is scrollable and provides performance on close to 2 dozen different goals
  • We have spent considerable time making sure each goal is attributed to the correct marketing channel utilising the ‘last click’ model. It allows us / client to track marketing effectiveness against each channel
  • To assist with future decision-making goals are also broken down by demographics such as age and gender
3. A Detailed Overview of Enquiries at the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Engagement, traffic and all the activities at the top and middle of the marketing funnel are important. However, the ‘rubber meets the road’ when a prospective client actually picks up the phone or submits an enquiry form.

We worked closely with the client to connect the dashboard to their CRM data and understand, not only how many enquiries they get each month, but also how they break down based on the different stages within the sales lifecycle.

The client is able to:

  • Measure performance of the various marketing campaigns against each sales stage
  • The view provides not only the monthly view but also the lifetime one, given the length of the sales lifecycle for this client. For example a typical period between a prospect becoming aware of their services (at the top of the funnel) and converting into an enquiry (at the bottom of the funnel) could take anywhere between 3 & 12 months
4. One Dashboard – Endless Opportunities for Smart Insights

Above dashboard views are but a few of the ones client has access to at the drop of a hat. We also provide:

  • Competitor comparison, based on organic traffic, keywords & other activity
  • Content calendar dashboard, where newly published & top existing content are benchmarked
  • Specific tactical campaign dashboard views (i.e. newly launched Podcast campaign)
  • and half a dozen a more…

It is important to note that vast majority of the data is delivered dynamically into the dashboard via integrations with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SemRush, SuperMetrics, Google Console, Google Sheets & InfusionSoft CRM.