“You need to spend money to make money!” This is true, but most often heard from those attempting to get you to spend it unwisely. Identifying wise ways to invest your money is difficult when it comes to marketing as it so often centres around human behavior, interacting with your product, your online assets
  Digital marketing will do two main things for you: Grow your reputation, and; Generate greater volume of traffic To these ends, you want your landing page to do as much as possible in an many different ways as possible, for as little as possible – because budgets are often tight! So, how do you

How to Budget For SEO Priority

  When your SEO goes wrong, you miss opportunities. Opportunities means business, and business means money. Whatever you ‘saved’ in getting your SEO done badly, may cost you months of business before you even work out that something is wrong. Perhaps the computer-based assessment didn’t pick up on the double-meaning of some high-ranking words, misleading

Goal-specific SEO Strategies

  SEO lets you meet a variety of goals with the same action. While the mechanism is the same — you make words achieve business goals — different keywords will achieve different goals. Use the same process but use other words, and you can make SEO perform many different functions. This makes SEO more versatile
  Think content marketing isn’t important in Business to Business marketing? Think again. 87 percent of all business-to-business organizations are using content marketing in some shape or form. 36 percent of B2B marketers are increasing their content budgets as well. The question here is what works best for this niche compared to consumer-facing content, and
  In the world of SEO, there are those who may offer you a “quick audit”. Be very very wary of what you will get for that. A quick overview might pick up some glaring or obvious mistakes — images not labelled, snags on the page, poor presentation and so on. And that’s all. You
  SEO, in many ways, is a juncture between business strategy and technical know-how. Your business strategy will determine the type of keywords that draw in your potential customers. Technical knowledge helps you find as many ways to use those keywords as possible, along with keeping on top of changes with the major search engines.
  SEO is more than just a simple buzzword. It’s not only a very important part of getting visibility to your website, but also getting the right kind of visibility. With proper SEO, you can get customers who are already motivated to use the type of services your company offers. But at the same time,

Choosing Your Marketing Targets

  In business, you want to adapt to changes, and meet opportunities; to be responsive to trends and developments. This is possible when you keep in mind the fundamental rule of targeting your audience. In a perfect world, you would be selling a product anyone could use at any time, but such a thing doesn’t
  Word choice matters. You want to communicate the features of your product or service, and you want to do so in a way that makes your voice authentic. You want to dodge all the different marketing clichés and keep people engaged by sounding original. When it comes to picking keywords and turning them into phrases,