Your enterprise website can be a great tool for your company – your staff can keep on top of communication with each other, and have the tools they need at their disposal. But it can take a fair amount of work in maintenance and upkeep. A dual function Sometimes your site is trying to serve
ux audit
Here’s a catch: Visitors to your site might be able to provide good information on a UX problem with your site. But those that find these problems are the least likely to be able to get the message through to you! So how are you supposed to know that there is something off about your
Owners of even the smallest, most humble website today have some kind of SEO strategy in place for it. But that doesn’t mean that it is the best strategy or even particularly strong relative to changeable search engine ranking factors. Key to knowing if your SEO strategy is effective to your business model is to
SEO is just about finding and using the most popular, competition-light words and working them into your page, right? Right? Well no – using words with a high SEO rating, but with little relevance to your company is ineffective and just causes a high bounce rate. So too are words that might be relevant, but

SEO vs. Word Of Mouth Marketing

There’s nothing quite like seeing a word-of-mouth story blossom for your business. It is always satisfying when someone buys one of your products or uses your services, has a good experience, then tells a few of their friends. Not only does this validate the effort you have put into the business, but that is a
It was once true that the more backlinks – the more other pages that led back to yours – the better.   But Google wised up and changed their algorithm. No longer was any old backlink from who-knows-where as good as any other anymore.  Your backlink presence is a strong ingredient in your Google SEO ranking
So you’ve got a blog! That’s great. I’m sure people like to read your thoughts. But while it might be impressing certain readers, why is it not attracting potential customers? Almost every site seems to have a blog these days, and they are a useful part of the site for the sake of offering content

Optimizing SEO for a Mobile Audience

Mobile browsing is now the majority of online traffic, according to SEJ, and is on the rise. The sharp rise in smartphone and tablet technology has enabled people to look up, listen, search and shop for all kinds of business, either online or close to where they are. And as more people turn to mobile,
  “You need to spend money to make money!” This is true, but most often heard from those attempting to get you to spend it unwisely. Identifying wise ways to invest your money is difficult when it comes to marketing as it so often centres around human behavior, interacting with your product, your online assets
  Digital marketing will do two main things for you: Grow your reputation, and; Generate greater volume of traffic To these ends, you want your landing page to do as much as possible in an many different ways as possible, for as little as possible – because budgets are often tight! So, how do you